Villa Emma Restaurant, which opened its doors on the most popular street of Etiler in November 2019, has become one of the places frequented by food and beverage lovers as one of the classic places of the district with its stylish and elegant decoration, central location and international cuisine menu. This winter, Villa Emma Restaurant is a candidate to be the address of those who want to have a pleasant dining experience while maintaining physical distance with Emma Garden, which was added to its structure on August 15.

Emma Garden has been designed as a place full of art, where everyone will feel comfortable and embracing its guests. With its private bar and fireplace, the garden, which has the friendly and warm atmosphere sought after in Istanbul, is the kind that will make a name for itself with its food as well as its architecture and atmosphere. The menu, prepared by experienced chefs, consists of the most beautiful dishes of the world cuisine and promises to appeal to different tastes. Sea bream ceviche, steak tartare, clams with red curry sauce, grilled lamb karski, grilled sea bass, duck gyoza are among the highlights of the menu.